Modular Steel Bridges

Meteorological disasters rise over the years by the impact of global warming and flood/storm disasters in Turkey and other risky geography are seen frequently. The mentioned disasters cause major damage on bridges, which are critical for transportation infrastructure. On the other hand, bridges are damaged not only by meteorological events but also by earthquakes.

Thanks to our Modular Steel Bridges solution developed specifically for the bridge supply needs that may be encountered in all emergency situations, we ensure the fastest reuse of the transportation infrastructure.

Fuji Engineering, as an EPC contractor, contributes to emergencies with its turnkey solution, including the supply of modular bridges, infrastructure foundation design and implementation.

Modular bridges made of hot-dip galvanized steel with a long life guarantee do not require maintenance and can be designed as light pedestrian bridges or can be produced with high capacity.

Our solutions have been developed to meet permanent, temporary and emergency transportation needs. Thanks to its modular feature, our solutions can be assembled very quickly and be easily disassembled to allow reuse.

Assembled in days or weeks, our durable solutions consist of high-strength, prefabricated components that provide a life cycle of up to 100 years.

Advanced Modular Steel Technology

Prefabricated, modular steel bridging is a proven, time-tested solution that meets diverse permanent, temporary and emergency needs. From ease of customization to speed of installation, prefabricated modular steel bridges deliver many advantages over comparable conventional bridges.

Usage Areas of Modular Steel Bridges

Because of its unique attributes, our bridging system has been adopted by the U.S. Army, Canadian Army, Australian Defence Force and United Nations Peacekeeping operations as a standard bridge for logistical support.

Virtually maintenance free, our steel bridges are built to last 100 years.

Longevity, increased capacity and significant cost savings are the hallmarks of our bridging solutions. Our bridges offer superior performance with a proprietary blend of high-strength U.S. steel and a galvanizing process that eliminates corrosion. With modular components offering ease of assembly and rapid mobilization, our bridges connects you to permanent, cost-effective infrastructure.

Features + Benefits

  • Pre-engineered modular solutions can accommodate numerous permanent applications
  • Length, width and strength are easily customizable
  • Conveniently transported to even the most remote locations
  • Fast assembly and launch even under challenging conditions, with minimal equipment requirements
  • Manufactured with premium high-strength, high-quality U.S. steel from ISO-certified mills and galvanized to protect against corrosion
  • Full-scale tested to ensure product safety and durability in even the most rugged conditions

Versatile modular solutions for temporary applications

The versatility of modular bridge technology serves both permanent and temporary applications. Easy to erect, disassemble and transport for use in different locations, our temporary bridges are used on construction, drilling and excavation sites all over the world, providing safe and efficient access for workers, heavy off-road vehicles, machinery and equipment. In addition, our bridges are used as temporary detours to direct traffic around road construction sites during bridge replacement and repair, or in emergency situations.

Our temporary bridges deliver immediate, durable and cost-effective access. Our modular technology is customizable to the specific needs of each project, facilitating Accelerated Bridge Construction for a variety of applications.

Features + Benefits

  • Versatile, cost-effective solutions for temporary Access
  • Modular components facilitate Accelerated Bridge Construction
  • Length, width and strength are easily customizable
  • Manufactured with high-quality U.S. steel from ISO-certified mills and galvanized to protect against corrosion
  • Full highway load-carrying capability to support both standard and heavy-duty applications
  • In-stock components ready for expedited shipping
  • Fast, easy assembly and disassembly with minimal equipment
  • Expert site support services available as required

In times of crisis, our prefabricated modular bridges and shoring systems are the immediate, reliable solution. When aiding in recovery from disaster, we connect you to restored infrastructure through our ready to deliver products.

Features + Benefits

  • Bridging in-stock, ready to deliver anywhere in the world
  • Pre-engineered modular components enable expedited delivery even in challenging locations
  • Multiple length and width configurations provide flexibility
  • Rapidly assembled and installed
  • Easily uninstalled to facilitate safe, rapid re-deployment
  • Suitable for use in seismic areas
  • Proven in humanitarian aid and disaster-relief applications
  • Extensive experience working in collaboration with governments, ministries and aid agencies
  • Supplied with a comprehensive package of technical support

Our bridges can transport both freight and passenger trains. They are designed to support American and European railway loadings, including the American Cooper E80 load, which is the heaviest train loading in the United States for main railway lines.

Our heavy haul bridges are designed to support a steady flow of heavy off-road trucks, machinery and equipment typically used on construction and excavation sites and by the military. Easy to erect, take down and transport for use in different locations, these bridges are capable of handling trucks with loads exceeding 550 tons (500 metric tonnes) each in gross weight.

Our modular bridges are well suited to meet the specialized needs of the energy, mining, oil and gas industries, providing safe and efficient access to work sites

Flexibility defines our bridge offering for cars, trucks and other passenger and commercial vehicles. Our modular bridges can be easily lengthened, widened and strengthened to address a full range of vehicular needs as well as different design load standards. Sidewalks and advanced safety features, such as a steel crash barrier system, can also be added.

Our bridges are valued for their ability to support large armored tanks and heavy trucks and also serve as a portable, reusable system designed for fast assembly and disassembly.

Our bridges can be expanded to accommodate up to four lanes of traffic, with spans that can exceed 400 feet

Our bridges used as detours around road construction sites address two major issues. By providing a temporary roadway that is predictable and unchanging, traffic disruptions are reduced while the safety of motorists and construction workers is enhanced. Detour bridges have also been shown to reduce construction costs and help increase both productivity and profitability.

As a temporary or permanent solution, our pedestrian bridge is available in galvanized steel, or weathering steel, which creates a gentle patina over time for a more natural look. These bridges can be fitted with a timber, steel or reinforced concrete deck.

We can design and engineer beam bridges, pipe bridges, utility bridges and truss supports for permanent, temporary and emergency use.

Ease and speed of installation

Our versatile modular steel bridges can be assembled and installed in days or weeks. Utilizing flexible installation methods to suit site conditions, our modular technology connects you to durable, cost-effective infrastructure.

One of the distinct advantages of our modular steel bridging is the ease and speed at which it can be assembled and installed. With all bridge components prefabricated and precision-engineered, installation requires no field welding and minimal skilled labor or construction equipment. This helps minimize costs and ensure the project is delivered on schedule.

The implementation of thousands of projects has been supported all over the world and developed three principal installation methods to accommodate a wide range of applications and site conditions:

The cantilever launch method allows for our bridge to be assembled by hand and rolled into place without the use of a crane. The lightness of our new generation made of hot dip galvanized steel bridges ensures a practical installation.

Our bridge can also be launched with the assistance of a crane if available. This method is fast and easy, requiring less launching nose equipment and counterweight than a cantilevered launch.

At the Lift In method; with the right size crane, the bridge can be lifted into place. The fastest of the three options, this method of installation is often required in demanding situations, where speed is critical.


Fuji Engineering participated in the International Disaster and Resilience Congress (IDRC 2019) held on 26-28 June 2019 at Eskisehir Technical University. At the congress, where studies from different disciplines were discussed on a common platform, Fuji Engineering presented a paper on “Replacing Traditional Bridges That Collapsed at a Natural Disaster with Modular Steel Solutions in an Emergency”.

Our paper about “Replacing Traditional Bridges That Collapsed at a Natural Disaster with Modular Steel Solutions in an Emergency” and other articles can be accessed from the link below.

Fuji Engineering participated in the International Natural Disasters and Disaster Management Symposium (ISHAD 2020) held on 24-25 October at Bursa Technical University. At the congress, where studies from different disciplines were discussed about the disaster management on a common platform, Fuji Engineering presented a paper on “Re-Operation in 130 Days through the Modular Steel Bridge Solution at a Multi-Lane Connection Bridge That was Collapsed at Hurricane Katrina”.

Our paper about “Re-Operation in 130 Days through the Modular Steel Bridge Solution at a Multi-Lane Connection Bridge That was Collapsed at Hurricane Katrina” and other articles can be accessed from the link below.


Fuji Engineering participated in the TurkeyBuild Fair held at Istanbul TÜYAP Fair and Congress Center on March 23-26, 2022, at its booth number A111, Hall-2.
Our visitors were informed about the modular steel bridges (developed specifically for the needs of bridge supply in emergencies) and the ease of installation of the bridges.
We would like to thank our valuable visitors for the interest shown in our innovative earthquake technologies and modular steel bridge systems.