Structural Health Monitoring System

Environmental factors, wear and potential disasters can lead to a decrease in the strength of structural systems, additional stresses and unwanted damages.

Thanks to our Structural Monitoring System solutions, we contribute to our customers in the following issues.

  • Continuous information about the current status of the buildings
  • Obtaining information about the usability of the building after a possible disaster (storm, earthquake, etc.)
  • Follow-up of long-term settlement
  • Monitoring the wear effects of structures
  • Saving in maintenance and repair cost

What is Structural Health Monitoring?

  • A system that provides information about the current state of structure.
  • It is a system based on data collected by sensors placed in an existing structure and the processing of these data.
  • This system is a common subject of Earthquake, Structural and Electronic Engineering disciplines.

What are the Benefits?

  • The actual earthquake behavior of the structure can be monitored.
  • Provides information about the usability of the structure after earthquake.
  • Allows real-time earthquake records to be kept by the building owner

Example Configuration